A view from the editor’s chair – April 2009

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14th January 2021
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14th January 2021

A view from the editor’s chair – April 2009

As the recession continues to bite, I keep hearing references to things being as bad as they were in the 1970s.

I remember that decade well and, even though it is perhaps viewed through the rose-tinted spectacles of youth, I didn’t think it was that bad.

I left the 1960s still in short trousers and joined the 80s on the verge of working life so the years in between were my formative ones.
Memories of the power cuts of 1973 are restricted to the fun of reading by candlelight and the joy of unexpected days off school and having my dad at home more due to the three-day week.
I was too young to be into fashion, so embarrassing pictures of me at that time in the de rigeur uniform of flares, platform heels and shirt collars so long and pointed there was a danger of losing an eye, do not exist. Although, my sons were recently in hysterics when they found some decidedly dodgy snaps of me with long hair.
Music of the 70s was more eclectic than any other period. It dawned with the end of the Beatles and flower power before moving on via glam rock, 50s revivals and punk to new romanticism.
I’m not sure if I should admit that Slade, Abba, Showaddywaddy, Sham 69, Blondie and The Knack are among the most played on my iPod!
But in those days before credit cards, frightening inflation and astronomical mortgage rates, I probably had more fun than any other years of my life.
The music might still be available but can anyone point me in the right direction for a restaurant serving prawn cocktail, steak and black forest gateaux?

This article first appeared in the Diss Express